Olney Counseling Center is considered an out-of-network (OON) provider for all insurances and may be reimbursed under your out-of-network benefits. You may be eligible to file for reimbursement for individual/family therapy directly through your insurance company once your deductible has been met for the year. All of the information needed to file for reimbursement will be provided to you and can be located in your patient portal. Our office is in-network with all Medicare Plans and we will file the claims on your behalf. Please note that insurance does not guarantee relationship counseling is covered and parent coordination/mediation/reunification is not a covered insurance benefit. Determination if relationship therapy is covered is based on the initial evaluation, and is usually not determined until after the second visit. In the event insurance does not cover the sessions, you will be responsible for the full fee. If you do not have insurance and/or have out-of-network insurance and wish to find out more about how you can be reimbursed out-of-network please let us know.

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